Cumberland Cask Ruby Cut

Cumberland Cask Ruby Cut 2.png

Thanks to /u/orehnmadgib for the sample.

I am tremendously bad at guessing mystery samples. However I ended up with a bunch after some swap, so it’s time to crack them open in a series I’m calling “I’m really bad at mysteries”.

It’s tough to buck trends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the standards kept by American whiskey. I think the requirements ensure that cheaper, bad whiskey is not made. However, there is a scary feel of ubiquity when having some whiskies from the US.

I’m not attacking them, I’m just saying that the very things that ensure there are good standards means that quite a few of them stick to that formula. Which is what you would do given the chance because it works. I would follow it too, given how little money there is in making whiskey. Companies that haven’t stuck to the idea…

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