Buffalo Trace 12 Single Barrel Toddy’s Store Pick [MYSTERY]

Buffalo Trace 12 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/orehnmadgib for the sample.

To pair with my last mystery review, in which I got the whiskey correct, I’ll now have one that I was so off, I couldn’t turn on any lights in my apartment for days, less my visage reminds me of the failure of trying to figure out this whiskey.

Well no, while I have self-confidence issues, I’m not that hard on myself. About my whiskey reviews. About my general ability to provide for my family and looks maybe, but my whiskey reviews? These are for fun.

Until someone eventually states I’m a shill who sells his reviews and probably doesn’t even taste the whiskey. But that hasn’t happened in a while, so I should be good.

Which brings us to Buffalo Trace 12 Single Barrel Toddy’s Store Pick. If I didn’t review this blind, and then see other reviews of how odd it…

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