Teerenpeli Suomi 100 Juhlaviski [MYSTERY]

Teerenpeli Suomi 100 Juhlaviski 2.jpg

Is it cheating to look at someone’s list while reviewing a whisky? Maybe. I don’t really know.

On the one hand, I’ve met the people who can figure out all the whiskies they try blind. The guys who have had so many whiskies and know the profiles. I know I’m not going to attain that point. I can pick things out however remembering profiles is something I’m super bad at.

So thinking about them, and seeing them as the “target” of whisky tasting apotheosis, it’d be argued that if you can’t rattle off the exact whisky, then you shouldn’t check the list.

That said, some of these single casks can be really off the beaten path. Don’t believe me? Check my last mystery review.

So I’ll admit it, if I can’t guess what the whisky is within the first few seconds, I’ll check the list. I won’t check other reviews…

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