Four Roses Private Selection (OBSF – Fine Wine & Good Spirits) [MYSTERY]

Four Roses OBSF 2.jpg

When people leave my nation of preference, Canada, and head to the country beneath us (in geography, not in a mocking sense), they ask me (and many other of my whiskey friends) what they should pick up.

Yes, it’s interesting to go through lists and lists of whiskies and figure out which ones are worth it and which aren’t. And then there’s a simple yet easy answer: “Do they have a Private Bottling? Is it Four Roses? Buy that.”

No Four Roses Private Selection is not the only whisky to buy at stores. Yes, other distilleries release single casks/barrels that are certainly worth buying. However, if someone’s asking me about consistency, a decent price, then that’s my answer.

It’s also something I’m sent a mystery every so often. I’ve proudly tried one of each Private Selection recipe. That doesn’t mean I’m done trying every one of them.

So strap in…

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