Highland Park 30

Highland Park 30 2.jpg

Why’d I write this review series? Cause I got High(land Park).

Top class reviews here peeps.

So jump back to before I was reviewing. Before I knew and was wrong about a tenth of everything I’ll learn and re-learn about whisky. I’m at the Scotch Whisky Experience, enjoying whisky, having a good time in Scotland for the first time. It comes a time when I’m sober enough to shop the gift shop.

I’m picking up things left and right, not really totally knowing what I’m doing, and drunk enough to have the confidence to dive in. My wife noticed Highland Park 30, a sample bottle, and picked some up for a friend of ours to have on his 30th birthday.

She asks if she should grab one for me. I say “Nah, I don’t really know much about whisky. I’ve bought enough.” Some of those samples were the first…

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