Highland Park SMWS 4.231 “Harbour-side takeaway”

Highland Park SMWS 4.231 Harbour Side Takeway 2.jpg

Thanks to Tim W. for the sample!

And what do welcoming people with their own airport say to me when I call them while flying? That’s right: Hi! Land, Park! Thus that’s what I’m going to do for these reviews.

It’s the last of the series, don’t worry, you don’t need to read that pun again.

Takeout. The idea is you go to a restaurant, order, get it to go. In European countries, they may call it takeaway. In case you get the idea that out doesn’t mean away, I guess.

As someone who lives in cities with harbours, yet without tons of fresh seafood (they are lakes or rivers), I have limited availability to have a harbour-side takeaway.

So Highland Park SMWS 4.231 “Harbour-side takeaway” may be lost on me. I’m no seaman, contrary to my profanity-laden speech patterns nor my many raunchy jokes.

However I do have experience…

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