Ardmore 7 2009 Archives [MYSTERY]

Ardmore 7 2009 Archives 2.jpg

To recap: /u/xile_ (his real name, really) had us all over for a mystery lineup. I brought brownies. That’s really not useful to the review. Well, I didn’t have them until the whiskies were done, and drank tons of water between each dram. Maybe that’s useful. Oh, and all of the whiskies were poured blind. xile_ bet I’d get two right. I showed him and got none right. That’ll show him.

If you follow my reviews, first off, thank you. I appreciate it. Disagree, agree, whatever, I just like to read comments back on these and what you like and dislike about them.

Secondly, you’ll have read about many other Ardmores I’ve reviewed in the past. You’ll know that I like them as I enjoy both peated whiskies and young peated whiskies, and most Ardmore fits in that description.

So what’s different about Ardmore 7 2009 Archives? Well, it…

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