Hazelburn 13 2003 Oloroso & Hazelburn 9 Sauternes Single Cask

Thanks /u/Orehnmadgib for pouring these for me.

While going through my samples I realized that I had quite a few Campbeltown samples. And that I hadn’t drunk Campbeltown in awhile. I should fix that.

Up first we have Hazelburn. Of the few distilleries in the once mighty Campbeltown region, Hazelburn goes under the radar, at least in my experience. You have Springbank, the MVP, their peated malt, Longrow, and then Glen Scotia, the underdog, and finally Glengyle / Kilkerran, the dual personality disorder one. With those kinda neighbours, maybe being the one people don’t notice is nice.

Well, that’s not fair, Hazelburn isn’t just “the other neighbour”. Granted they are unpeated, so a bunch of you have already moved on (sadly). But they are also triple-distilled, which we normally only see in a few Lowlands and in Irish whiskey. In addition, Irish whisky has unmalted barley, so we’re changing things…

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