Longrow 9 2007 Sauternes & Longrow 15 2001 Chardonnay/Bourbon Single Cask

Thanks /u/Orehnmadgib for pouring these for me.

Continuing on with a different type of review series, I had a bunch of Campbeltown samples, felt like I wanted to review more of them, and put two and two together and didn’t end up with three. Which is for the best, what with working with numbers every day.

Longrow is the big peat energy distillery of Campbeltown at the moment. Yes, Springbank has some peat to it, Glen Scotia can have some BBQ elements to it, and Kilkerran and Hazelburn don’t have any peat, so being peat in town isn’t like being big peat on Islay.

But Campbeltown used to be the big peat place. The town smelled of peat all the time. The people were slippery and fish-like… wait, that may be another town. But there was a lot of peat. And maybe an Elder God.

So Longrow is continuing those…

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