Dailuaine SMWS 41.81 “Unravel the mystery”

SMWS 41.81 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/xreekinghavocx for pouring me this sample.

I’ve written about Dailuaine twice before, as I’ve only had two whiskies from them before today. So far I’m seeing why they are used in blends, and why Diageo keeps them around.

Don’t take that as a put down, either. Not every cog in the machine is the main one, and we wouldn’t have half the interesting blends of whisky without some of these whiskies. That and look at Brora or Port Ellen: Two distilleries that were used for blends that, once they were closed down, were finally given the long period of time they needed and the cask strength to come out.

So while the Dailuaine I have today may not be Port Ellen, it does give me hints of if it could be the next Port Ellen. That brings us to Dailuaine SMWS 41.81 “Unravel the mystery”. This young…

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