Glenrothes SMWS 30.100 “An abundance of fruit cake”

GLenrothes SMWS 30.100 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/xreekinghavocx for pouring me a sample of this whisky.

It’s Xmas time. And somehow you’ve gotten your baking done and out of the house. Perhaps you’re not even someone who celebrates Xmas. Maybe you’ve not gained the requisite 10 kg of weight needed for the rough winters ahead in this new world.

So you’re all set, and then a package arrives. You see it’s from a friend who likes to bake. Upon opening it, you see it’s a fruit cake.

“Oh well,” you think. It’s not like these things are horrible. One will keep and they freeze well. And then the postman knocks again. And again. You’re buried up to your fanciful sweater in nut fruit baked goods. You scream; the ever-present taste of spices and walnuts enters your mouth. In the distance, sirens.

You’ve just imagined the horrible situation that is Glenrothes SMWS 30.100 “An abundance of…

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