Mellow Corn

Mellow Corn 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Scotchchick for pouring a sample for me.

There’s a whiskey. Some would say ubiquitous. Still, others would say it’s legendary. Its golden hue is known by geeks and non-geeks alike, which based on how I did on Venn diagrams, includes everyone in the world (Editor’s note: That’s not how that works at all).

Of course, I’m speaking about Mellow Corn.

Not to get corny, but I’ve been trying to try this whiskey for years. Hunting for a sample. Being laughed at whenever I mention that I’ve tried multiple bourbons, American Whiskies, Tennessee Whiskies, and everything in between. Did I miss some? Make sure to point them out below!

You see, I live in Canada, where a Bottled in Bond, pure corn whiskey is not allowed. Certainly not at the typical price of two pieces of lint and a dirty joke that Mellow Corn sells for.

Because while…

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One thought on “Mellow Corn

  1. I’m so sad that you would live in a place where something like Mellow Corn whisky is considered legendary, and hard to find!
    You really should ask your politicians to stop treating
    you like children.
    I’m continuously surprised that Ontarians are content with having their government protect them from society’s evils. It’s quite funny.
    I like how it appears in the picture that it was smuggled into the country, and then poured into a scotch tasting glass.
    This is rot gut whisky, not to be savoured like a complex spirit. Don’t get me wrong. I grew up drinking this swill, and it’s dear to my heart.
    I’m glad you found it fun to try!
    all the best


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