Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014

Thanks to /u/devoz who had me pour the last of his bottle to polish it off. Since the year 2000, Lagavulin has released a cask strength that seemingly bucks the trend of other distilleries’ cask strength offering. It’s not the same age, it’s younger, but it’s more expensive. I am talking about Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014. Yes, others do this too. Kilkerran comes to mind initially, and then… Continue reading Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014

Ledaig 11 2005 Signatory Cask Strength Collection (Cask 900157) [MYSTERY]

Thanks to /u/ForbiddenWaffle for this mystery pour. There’s something magical about whisky. And I don’t mean that “believing stickers make you smarter” thing that Gwyneth Paltrow is slinging or whatever religion is selling or Cardboard Crack: The Spending type Magic. No, I’m talking about the idea of different casks giving different results. Yes, I know statistically most casks age along a profile and are close to that… Continue reading Ledaig 11 2005 Signatory Cask Strength Collection (Cask 900157) [MYSTERY]

Glenrothes 1996 Jack Wieber

Recently there was a nice Toronto Whisky Society tasting in which a private whisky owner shared an interesting group of whiskies with a group of us. It’s interesting to follow what makes you excited. Self-examination, that is. Not judging others like some sort of crazed doctor in the woods. I realized, for instance, that without aiming for it, I’ve been drinking more and more Glenrothes.… Continue reading Glenrothes 1996 Jack Wieber