High West 14 Light – Very Rare

High West 14 Light 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throwboats for the sample.

The word ‘Light’ really has been kicked around. It’s either some diet thing that didn’t learn from the 90s that diet things aren’t helpful in losing weight or some form of pop that has zero calories but doesn’t taste quite right.

So when I originally heard about High West 14 Light – Very Rare, I wasn’t wowed. Turns out that Light Whiskey is defined as a grain spirit distilled between 80-95% alcohol by volume. And since most is distilled to 94.5%, you’ve hit a level that most people call “vodka”. At that point you’ve stripped away everything but ethanol, and it’s that “everything but” that makes up the flavour.

Make your own jokes there about everything butt being flavour.

Scotch fans and Canadian whisky fans will identify that Light Whiskey is the same as grain whisky. They’ll also get on their immediate sides…

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