High West Double Rye! Quady Black Muscat finish Premier Fine Wines and Liquor pick

High West Double Rye Quady Black Muscat Finish 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/ScotchChick for the sample.

So let’s start High West Double Rye! That’s not me being excited, just the name of the whiskey. That’s a mixture of 2-year-old rye and 16-year-old rye, each sourced from a different company. This was made before they started adding in their own rye. Or is that Rendezvous now? I think that’s RR. None the less, we start with those.

Then we take ex-Quady Black Muscat port casks. Woah, what? Quady is a winery in southern California. Specifically the San Joaquin Valley. They started in 1975. Black Muscat, which they use in a dessert port-style wine, is a red Vitis vinifera grape variety known for being highly aromatic. So not a cloying sweet wine, more big and clean. Given the write-up, I’d assume the casks were from their Elysium wine, which has been going strong since 1983, aka when I was barely one year…

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