Glenburgie 1999 Asta Morris

Glenburgie 1999 Asta Morris 2.jpg

Recently there was a nice Toronto Whisky Society tasting in which a private whisky owner shared an interesting group of whiskies with a group of us.

When Glenburgie 1999 Asta Morris came out, immediately everyone noticed the colour. Yes, I know, normally colour is to whisky as the colour is to a car. Sure, it’s nice and adds to the overall style, but typically it isn’t the main attraction.

However, in the case of Asta Morris, it’s something special. You see there’s no filtering whatsoever on this whisky. There are chunks of the cask. It goes cloudy when it comes near you, what with you being made up of water. That’s a joke, but seriously without chill filtering, this clouds quickly.

It’s an interesting thing to see how people react to cloudy drinks. My old office freaked out at cloudy water, what with water having air in it. I could…

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