SMWS M01 Exotic Cargo 10 2006

SMWS M01 Exotic Cargo 10 2006 2.jpg

For a few people, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is a group of green (and now various other colours) bottles that are really hard to try, never have the name of the distillery, and everything is cask strength.

I can say honestly that there was a point where I was in that camp. I was blown away to find some, and then very lucky to have had the chance to purchase some bottles and join the group.

Let’s jump to now. I’m no longer the naive-everything-is-amazing-young whisky drinker I once was. I’m now the cynical, bitter reviewer that hates all happiness (that’s a joke). To be serious, I have now had more SMWS releases, and there have been some duds.

Part of the impetus behind SMWS was single casks, single malts, not watered down, etcetera. So when SMWS M01 Exotic Cargo 10 2006 was announced, there was some backlash. Which…

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