Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014

Lagavulin 12 2014 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz who had me pour the last of his bottle to polish it off.

Since the year 2000, Lagavulin has released a cask strength that seemingly bucks the trend of other distilleries’ cask strength offering. It’s not the same age, it’s younger, but it’s more expensive. I am talking about Lagavulin 12 14th Edition/2014.

Yes, others do this too. Kilkerran comes to mind initially, and then I start second-guessing any others I was going to list, leaving this entire paragraph just hanging.

My main point is this: Lagavulin gives us cask strength, though at four years younger to make up costs. Comes out once a year, has a date on it, has a vintage, has an age, and no special casks.

A few years ago I may have scoffed at all of that, mocking it for not competing well enough. Now? I’m surprised this is still on…

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