Glenturret 35 That Boutique-y Company

Glenturret 35 That Boutique-y Company 2.jpg

Numbers have a way of creeping up on you. Before I knew it, I was coming closer and closer to hitting 1,000 Scotch reviews.

And with all that, I have missed some distilleries. Some of these I can be given some latitude, what with them closing before I was born and all, but others I should know better. Could you believe I haven’t reviewed a Glenturret until now?

Let’s ignore that turret is in the name and that’s just an easy dick/ejaculation joke in and of itself, but it’s also the oldest distillery! I mean, it’s the oldest name there is. All of the equipment dates to 1959, taking with it the name that was bought. So for all of you who don’t agree with my review but have only had stuff from the 1800s from Glenturret, please don’t message me.

Glenturret is now home to the Famous Grouse Experience…

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