Clynelish 15 James MacArthur’s Fine Malt Selection

Clynelish 15 Jame MacArthur's Rum Cask 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throwboats for pouring me a sample of this dram.

Back again with another Rum Cask. For those of you who don’t follow me like I’m made of candy and orgasms, I specifically hunt down rum casks. Part of me thinks that rum casks may have had a bad rap.

Why? Well, let’s point out that if they were in Cuba they couldn’t end up being used if you want to sell to the US. Which seems to be a big barrier, what with Cuba making some nice tasty rum. Let’s add to that rum casks seem to follow the wine cask method and are used until they leak like a siv.

So we have a situation where casks are being used over and over and fewer casks than normal. So some of the whiskies that end up in these rum casks are rolling the dice on their quality.

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