Miltonduff SMWS 72.47 “Burnt Spotted Dick” [1,000th Scotch Review]

Miltonduff SMWS 72.47 "Burnt Spotted Dick" 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/ForbiddenWaffle for pouring me this dram.

It’s quite amazing that almost six years ago, I woke up early in the morning, listening to the rooster cockadoodle-doo, and decided I was going to post. Not post as in a hard cylindrical object standing at attention, post a review.

Over 1564 reviews later, I still worry about seeming cocky. I’ve certainly grown, not by staying in the shade either. When I started out I was worried being such a small boat on a grand ocean would cause me to be lost, wet and alone, only entertaining myself. I took to writing about ballsy subjects like popular culture or Shakespearean dirty jokes.

Certainly my rapier wit was unsheathed when I decided that whisky was there to help me write, and not the other way around, less I shaft my true passion. I had fun with it, a certain joy one gets…

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