Wolfburn First General Release & Wolfburn Kylver Series 0001

Thanks to /u/UncleBaldric for pouring these samples for me.

Wolfburn is a brand new distillery, and one that I have never had. It’s no real surprise. It takes quite a lot of capital to start up a distillery. Add to that the first couple releases from anywhere are typically sold as collectables that are not reviewed. Again, we all understand that it takes a while to build up to a released whisky. These 12 year old constant single malts don’t just fall off the tree.

Wolfburn is not named after a particularly angry form of venereal disease. In Scots, the word for stream or small river is “Burn”. Which definitely changes how you now watch reruns of That 70’s show. So back in 1821, a man named William Smith founded a distillery with the name Wolfburn. And they made a large amount of whisky. At some point they closed down…

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