Glen Moray SMWS 35.204 “A squirrel’s dream”

Glen Moray SMWS 35.204 "A squirrel's dream" 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/xreekinghavocx for pouring me a dram of this whisky.

The best part about drinking Glen Moray is I keep getting drunker, and they keep coming out.

Wait, that doesn’t have the same horrible connotation that the original did. Not to mention I’m pretty sure that I’m not half as pretty as McConaughey to pull off the implied statutory rape, so maybe it’s better I don’t say it that way. 80s movies really show how bad things used to be.

Suffice to say, I enjoy drinking Glen Moray, if only for their abundance, their quality, and seemingly the uniqueness of different ones.

Take the new one today, called Glen Moray SMWS 35.204 “A squirrel’s dream”. Well they don’t put the name of the distillery, but I do, so fuck them and fuck you too.

Wait, that didn’t sound like Eminem and I am not a 100th of the…

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