1792 Port Finish

1792 Port Finish 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/blaw84 for the sample.

I enjoy peanut butter. A lot. I’ve been able to cut out potato chips, most chocolate bars, and even pop from my life after enjoying all of those things for a long time. But never peanut butter, even though I completely know I’m basically eating icing sugar on my bread.

I enjoy chocolate. While yes, I don’t try to buy chocolate bars too often, I do enjoy a good quality chocolate and baked goods with chocolates.

Mix those together? You have the last chocolate candies I still get tempted enough to eat to the point of sadness and self-hate once all the tasty empty wrappers surround me like judging parents.

Thus when you tell me you’re going to take 1792, a whiskey that I’ve generally enjoyed, and finish it in a port cask, a finish that I’m a sucker for, I’m going to be…

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