Langatun Old Deer Classic Cask Proof

Langatun Old Deer Classic Cask Proof 2.jpg

I’ve had Swiss whisky before. One. They don’t make it all the way through the mountains, singing about the hills and all that to Canada. So when a friend of mine from down south in Canada’s pants (the US, you may have heard of it) mentioned that I should try another, I went hunting for a sample.

Langatun started way back in 1861 as a brewery and a distillery, running for a while, deciding to take on peat in 1901, and then taking a nice 106-year break, or as Europeans call it, having a nap.

In 2007 the great-grandson thought that 106 years was long enough to take a break and started creating Langatun Single Malt. Setting them apart is they use some Swiss oak in their ageing, as well as sherry, Chardonnay casks, and finally smoked red wine barrels from Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Today we’re sticking with the Sherry and Chardonnay…

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