Bruichladdich 16 First Growth Cuvee B: Pauiliac (Chateau Latour)

Bruichladdich 16 First Growth Cuvee B 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throwboats for pouring me this sample.

Bruichladdich has a lot of releases. And there’s a lot of casks that have been independently bottled. Then you have the fact they are on Islay, so you have Feis Ile releases, and let’s not forget they have single cask offerings at Scotch Mecca as well.

As such, I’ve reviewed quite a few Bruichladdich whiskies. I’m not the top reviewer of Bruichladdich at the moment. I’m attempting to catch up to the leader, however, given how crazy my life has been, that’s not really going to happen. So now I’m trying to just catch up.

What was suppose to start off the group is Bruichladdich 16 First Growth Cuvee B Paulliac. For those who missed it, Bruichladdich originally had a limited edition series each finished in a different wine cask from First Growth French vineyards. This followed the idea behind Bruichladdich…

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