GlenDronach 17 1994 Single Cask

GlenDronach 18 1994.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a sample of this.

Let’s take a nostalgia trip, shall we?

You’ll see people talk about GlenDronach with much happiness. And then there’s some other whisky geeks who seem to get kinda sad when they come up.

Why is that? Is it because they stopped peating their whisky back in 2002, probably in a pact with the devil? Maybe. But it’s more likely they remember a time when GlenDronach single casks were plentiful, great drams that they enjoyed drinking. And were inexpensive.

So since then, while some have celebrated the 12 and 15 coming back, there’s those of us who see the prices of our cask strength, nicely sherried, old whiskies going higher and higher, with younger and younger age, and we’re too busy throwing canes at kids on our lawn to really be loud enough to complain.

Enter GlenDronach 17 1994 Single Cask

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