Bastille Single Malt

Bastille Single Malt 2.jpg

So I’m at a bar. I know, surprised as usual.

But I’m in Canada and there’s actually a selection of whiskies. Even ones I haven’t had. Which almost never happens. However I’m DD, and I take that seriously so I can have one before my lunch, and that’s all.

Yes, I’m big enough I could have more, that’s just all I want to have before driving.

Anyway, I noticed something among the various Scotches and Irish whiskies. Yes, Bastille Single Malt. Some of you have had Bastille before, yet the 1789 Hand-Crafted Blended Whiskey. Bias up front: I nearly released every prisoner I could in reaction to the 1789. I wasn’t too happy with it. We’re lucky I didn’t start blocking the streets or taking off heads.

What’s the difference? Well, in this case, the Bastille Single Malt is produced from Spring barley grown in Northeast France. The cask…

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