Dailuaine SMWS 41.83 “Sherry, Sherry Baby”

SMWS 41.83 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me this sample.

Dailuaine. I have a theory. It’s not popular because you can’t order it drunk. Heck you can’t order it sober unless you understand Gaelic, and that leaves very few people in the world able to do so. I feel bad for anyone whose first language isn’t at least somewhat related to Gaelic trying to order it. Probably ends up with two orders of chili cheese fries to go and the fancy lady in the corner’s number. At least I think she’s a lady.

In actuality, the distillery is mostly used in blends. But let’s not let the truth get in the way of a fun time.

So with Dailuaine SMWS 41.83 “Sherry, Sherry Baby” we immediately expect a sherry bomb. Or perhaps something funny with song and dance. What it is is a 9-year-old, 1st fill ex-Oloroso Sherry butt whisky at cask…

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