Highland Park Full Volume

Highland Park Full Volume 2.jpg

Thank you to a friend (not on reddit) who poured me this sample.

We’ve seen recently that Highland Park was, a few decades ago, playing around with casks. So you have things like Highland Park Fire, which was ex port casks and also Highland Park Full Volume, which was only ex-Bourbon casks.

But the experimentation didn’t end there. Like a jazz group who plays music in a random fashion but with technique behind it, and then ends up going back to their normal jobs because life doesn’t support art unless you’re really lucky, the master distillers filled a mixture of 200 and 250 litre casks at 63.6% and 63.7% to get the full strength.

Note that some whisky is typically put in at lower strengths to bring forward lighter flavours. So we’ve gone from a jazz group (granted not really, because…. Well, this is a pretty normal method done…

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