Green Spot Chatêau Montelena [MYSTERY]

Green Spot 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Throzen for pouring this as a mystery.

I’m a big fan of Irish whiskies. What caused that? Mostly Green Spot, if I’m being honest. Each time I’ve had it, I’m impressed. And I’ll scream my eccentric thoughts from the belfry every chance I get. I’ll even write a review or two on it.

The people at Mitchell & Son haven’t just sat back on one or two releases either. They’ve been slowly ramping up, and while it’ll be a bit before I get a sample of Red Spot (not for a lack of trying), I am not without one of the thumb printed whiskies in my wheelhouse.

Yes, there’s Green Spot Chatêau Montelena. This is second in the “Wine Geese” Series, with the first being Green Spot Léoville Barton. This time around they sourced the casks used to finish it from Napa Valley. Specifically Zinfandel casks which…

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