Orkney 17 2000 The Whisky Agency & Heads & Tails

Orkney 17 2018 TWA 2.jpg

This year we changed things up with the Toronto Whisky Society: We had two releases. Due to feedback, people requested both a more expensive release and a less expensive release.

This brings in Orkney 17 2018 The Whisky Agency & Heads & Tails, not just a whisky with a lot of Ampersands in the name, but also the more expensive release for this year. We don’t know for certain which distillery it comes from. There’s two on Orkney. One known for peating their whisky, using sherry casks, and what not, and the other is Scapa. Which is known for honey flavours.

So we have a bottling with the Harry Poppins label from an unknown distillery, aged in an ex-bourbon hogshead for almost 18 years. But how do we find out more about it?

By putting it in our face. Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Orkney 17 2018 TWA.jpgPrice: $186.62 CAD…

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