Pike Creek 21 European Oak / Gooderham & Worts 11 Souls / Lot 40 11 Cask Strength

Northern Border Collection.jpg

Thanks to the Toronto Whisky Society for pouring me these.

Here we are in the second year of the Northern Border Collection. If you missed last year, well you’re useless and should feel bad. Oh, wait, no. That’s just the voices in my head directed at myself. What I meant to say is I feel sorry for you.

This year has now been released, and we have four new whiskies to look up. Feel free to search for my review of the Wiser’s 35, of which I was lucky enough to try before this.

Pike Creek 21 European Oak.jpeg

What’s changed? Well up first we have Pike Creek 21 European Oak. Similar to last year we have a blended whisky from Pike Creek, yet with an extra decade on it. Also, a portion of the whisky has been finished in French and Hungarian oak.

Thus the name. Because Hungary hasn’t been given up to…

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