Bruichladdich 22 Micro-Provenance 1990 Calvados

Bruichladdich MP 22 1990 Calvados 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throwboats for pouring me this dram.

Whisky nerds end up being odd in that they learn about other casks through what their favourite dram was put into. Well, other than bourbon-only fans.

As different casks are used (when they are allowed), we’re introduced to what they did to the cask and then what happens when that specific cask mixes with whisky. It’s all quite fun.

For instance, I’m not a Calvados fan. The idea of Norman apple or pear brandy doesn’t get me up in the morning. Heck, the idea of any area, French or not, making an apple or pear brandy isn’t doing much. Let’s not blame the Normans.

However take that cask, and as an experiment, though in some Bruichladdich that had previously aged in questionable ex-bourbon casks, and I’m in.

Cue Bruichladdich 22 Micro-Provenance 1990 Calvados. Exactly that. Almost like I too read the…

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