Bunnahabhain 14 PX Noe Single Cask Distillery Exclusive

Bunnahabhain 14 PX Noe.jpg

Thanks to /u/distillasian for the sample.

At some point, I’ll make it out to Islay. Before then? Thank goodness I have good friends like /u/distillasian and his wife, who passed on her samples.

Reminder: Bake her a cake at some point.

There wasn’t enough to review of all of the samples (but there certainly was enough to enjoy, and boy did I enjoy), however, Distillasian also cracked into his bottle of Bunnahabhain 14 PX Noe Single Cask Distillery Exclusive.

Distillery Exclusives are one of those things that you wonder about. I’ve reviewed some before, and generally enjoyed them, but felt that they can be hit or miss.

In this case, we have an unpeated Bunnahabhain that was fully matured in a first fill PX Noe Cask. What’s a Noe Cask? Does it wear a mask? No, it turns out that means this was one of the casks where…

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