Lagavulin Single Cask Extravaganza

Lagavulin Single Casks.jpg

Thanks to /u/distillasian for sharing all of these with me.

So we’re having an amazing night. Drinking samples that were brought back from Islay, and reminding ourselves to make distillasian’s wife many cakes. Or BBQ meat. Or cakes with BBQ meat in them. I’m not going to judge.

For a few of the samples (save the two previous reviews that were bottles from Scotland) we were sharing samples to just try them. And it was fricking amazing, let me tell you.

Then we got to Lagavulin. And turns out we had an ounce each to review. And everyone looked at me, without a pen in my hand, standing there like a naked guy out in the cold. Oblivious. Probably should be doing something.

“Well… you’re going to review these, right? Never get these chances again”

I sat there, figuring out how I’m going to do this.

Much coffee was had…

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