Speyside 44 1973 The Whisky Agency

Speyside 43 TWA 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring this for me. And damn me for not taking a picture. Let’s take that as a good sign.

By now you may, or may not have read one of many things: Either my fellow friends’ reviews of this whisky, my reviews of previous older Speysides, or even more likely, Serge’s review of this very whisky.

If you have, feel free to skip on down. If not, well, welcome to the Thunderdome.

Speyside 44 1973 The Whisky Agency is one of many undisclosed distillery releases from independent bottlers. All of them come from the 70s, and I assume they followed a rainbow to get to them. Or perhaps some sort of servant of a deity. Suffice to say I’ve had some really, really good whisky from this mystery distillery.

So that’s the lead-up. Yeah, the hype was huge going in on this. We were all at…

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