Springbank 9 2007 Springbank Society

Springbank 9 2007 Springbank Society.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring me a sample

“Hey, sorry I brought this. I know you don’t like Sauternes cask whiskies.”

I sigh. I said the wrong thing a long time ago and it’s going to haunt me forever.

You see, I’m not a fan of Sauternes casks in the way they are typically used. Finishes. A young whisky is poured in for less than two years, and the subtle honey, orange, and cereal notes are added… typically to a whisky that happens to have cereal and orange notes.

However, there have been times where I’ve had a full maturation Sauternes cask whisky or a second maturation one and been surprised. These amazing nutty notes came out.

So the question comes down: Do I hate the player or the game? And the answer I’ll say, as I say every time this comes up, is the same: I hate the game.

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