Caol Ila 26 1988 Càrn Mòr Celebration of the Cask

Caol Ila Carn Mor 26 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz or /u/xile_ for pouring a sample of this.

Alright, so let’s review the second day of tasting: We had a lighter, interesting palette opener, a bombastic Speyside, an Irish that should have helped open another tasting, and a briny, peated Island Scotch.

I guess it’s time to have more peat then.

Which brings us to Caol Ila 26 1988 Càrn Mòr Celebration of the Cask. Older peated whiskies do tend to be lighter in intensity, however, based on the people who had drunk this previously, this was put last. Mostly because we didn’t have an Octomore to follow it up this time.

So what is it? Well, it’s a 26-year-old Caol Ila that was left well enough alone and then scooped up by those family owned, always interesting people at Morrison & MacKay. This falls into the second independent bottle label from them, meaning it’s at…

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