Highland Park SMWS 4.236 “Island Holiday Snapshot”

SMWS 4.236.jpg

Thanks to /u/Throzen for pouring me a sample of this.

In a previous review, I mentioned, erroneously, that Highland Park is the only distillery on Orkney that peats. Fun story: Scapa used to peat way, way back. And then stopped due to hating us. Or whatever reason. I’m totally not taking it personally.


Anyway, that leaves us with Highland Park being the only ones who still peat their whisky on Orkney. Recently there’s been a veritable deluge of releases from independent bottlers with Orkney bottles hitting the market. It’d be mean, cruel, and perhaps petty to leave out SMWS, who has been releasing them steadily throughout the decades.

Which brings us to Highland Park SMWS 4.236 “Island Holiday Snapshot”. It’s been a while since I ate an Island Holiday Snapshot, as my mother told me not to eat photos after the first one.

But I’ll make an exception…

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