Royal Brackla SMWS 55.38 “Flaming Red Wine Punch”

Royal Brackla SMWS 55.38 "Flaming Red Wine Punch" 2.jpg

Thanks to Tim for this sample!

A quick side note: Right now I’m attempting a few things. My wife went through my samples and made an advent calendar for me to do during December. I’ve amassed four whiskies for my birthday. Oh and I said I’d at least review (not post) enough Irish whiskies to have 100 reviews of them.

However every so often a friend asks me to try a whisky and make sure it’s tasty/worth it/not a polymorph potion. In this case there was a sale, a possibility of buying something, and I happened to have a sample of it.

So here’s Royal Brackla SMWS 55.38 “Flaming Red Wine Punch”, a Royal Brackla that was aged in ex-bourbon casks and then finished in Sauternes hogsheads. Royal Brackla is a Highland I don’t see very often, as this is only the second one I’ve ever had.

So while…

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