Dallas Dhu 19 1982 Signatory Vintage

Dallas Dhu 19 1982 Signatory 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/jolarbear for this sample.

For those of you who have missed the past times I’ve done this: Near my birthday, earlier this month, I reviewed my samples from my birth year, 1982. This is Birthday Dram #3.

Dallas Dhu closed down in 1983. Money issues mixed with a water supply issue saw it close.

Dallas Dhu 19 1982 Signatory Vintage was distilled almost a year before the distillery closed down. By that point, it’s fair to believe that maybe the workers didn’t know about the money issues. Sometimes that can be hidden. They must have known about the water supply issue though, so did they hope this went somewhere? Or did they just hope it didn’t end up being poured out?

So Dallas Dhu 19 1982 SIgnatory Vintage is what came out of it. Sherry cask, decent age, watered down (boo) but here, nonetheless. I’m lucky to be…

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