Clynelish 27 1974 Signatory Vintage (Feather’s Review Set #19)

Clynelish 27 1974 Signatory Vintage 1.jpg

Wait a second, it’s also near my birthday!… a month ago. So as is custom, I dressed up in my favourite clown costume and headed out to the bar.

I kid, it’s more of a pub. The Feathers Pub, to be exact. Yes, I finally got around to it again, because it’s my birthday.

So this year we started with Clynelish 27 1974 Signatory Vintage. Simple enough, right? Start with a Clynelish.

Well.. there may be a bit of an issue. I may have goofed.

You see in 1974 Brora was still running. Brora was changed up to make heavily peated whisky to fill the lack of peated whisky on the market by drought on Islay (yes the heavily peated years stopped in 1973, however, 1974 still had some peat to Brora). And as you may also know Brora used to be called Clynelish, and the new Clynelish…

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