Caol Ila 19 1974 Signatory Vintage (Feather’s Review Set #19)

Caol Ila 19 1974 Signatory Vintage.jpg

So it was my birthday. Since my wife is awesome, she offered to take me to the pub (and take me home! win!) and I could have some drams.

I decided that since I was born in 1982, I should have two drams from 1974. What, does that not make sense? Well it sure as shit didn’t make sense to me either, but here we are.

For my second dram I decided that peat was in order because a) I like peat b) I accidentally ordered a peated whisky for the first one and c) really do I have to explain why I’m ordering Islay anymore? Seriously swing a dead cat on the internet and you’ll hit both a review extolling the virtues of Islay and someone else jerking off to you swinging a dead cat.

So I ordered Caol Ila 19 1974 Signatory Vintage. Brought out in the…

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