Jameson Crested Ten

Crested Ten 2.jpg

This past year (2018) I had lots and lots of plans. Finish my accounting schooling, find a new job in a new career space, figure out where baby racoons come from, and review enough Irish Whiskey to finally hit 100 total reviews.

I’m happy to say I got most of that done, and I now have my rabies vaccine! As for posting them, I may have gotten behind what with learning derivatives and listening to the unholy sounds of trash pandas fucking. So I’m posting them now! Yay!

Jameson Crested Ten was launched in 1963, making it Jameson’s oldest still made whiskey (not as in the oldest whiskey). And if you think the whole NAS thing is a new thing, well I have news for you: This isn’t 10-years-old. It’s mostly 7-8 years, with more of this being made up of pot still than grain than the standard Jameson.


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