Bruichladdich 22 1990 Micro-Provenance Château Latour

Bruichladdich 22 1990 Multi-Province Château Latour.jpg

Thanks to /u/kinohead for pouring me a dram of this

So I’m at this tasting. And I showed up late, what with working normal hours and curling or whatever my excuse was. Nonetheless, when I asked “what should I be drinking”, the list was… huge. Reckless abandon seems to be the name of this tasting.

Thus a bottled used for a split was put in front of me (after the initial Mosstowie, which was the talk of the tasting), and I was having Bruichladdich 22 1990 Micro-Provenance Château Latour.

Take some of that Bruichladdich that had sat in the warehouse in a questionable ex-Bourbon cask, and then saved by a wine cask from a winery I should have heard of but I’m a neanderthal when it comes to wine. And by that I mean I have a big brain and I’m covered in hair. Also, I don’t know of…

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