Glenturret 10 2005 Adelphi [Mystery]

Glenturret 10 2005 Adelphi 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throzen for pouring me this dram.

Not just that. You see, this was poured as a mystery. A mystery that would confound each and every person at the tasting.

Now if you haven’t been following my previous reviews, you’ll not know that I’m utter crap at guessing mysteries. I get mixed up, I don’t remember distillery profiles, and I’m not good at it. At the tasting, there were much, much better tasters than I.

And no word of a lie, most of them guessed this upon seeing the whisky in the Glencairn.

Why? Because throzen, who is probably one of the smartest self-taught people I know, had been going on about Glenturret non-stop for about two years after looking it up himself. So when he poured Glenturret 10 2005 Adelphi, most saw the colour and knew it immediately.

For me, it took nosing it. So it’s not…

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