Barrell Bourbon Batch 004

Barrell Bourbon Batch 004 2.jpg

Thanks to a mysterious stranger for pouring me a dram of this whiskey.

I’m kinda a hoarder when it comes to collecting things. It’s a downside of mine. Add to that my propensity to line up samples for review and I end up saving up drams for review chains that perpetually never come, and are frankly hard to read.

Enter my Advent Calendar. Yes, in December my wife went through and didn’t care if she broke up potential group reviews. We’re onto Day #17, and I gotta just deal with it.

So let’s see what came next, shall we? Maybe it was going to be part of a 12 part series where I ramble more.

That’s probably not possible.

Barrell Bourbon Batch 004 1.jpgPrice: Sold out

Region: Kentucky

Stated Age: 6-years-old, 4 months old

Mashbill: Corn, rye, malted barley

Abv: 58.35%

Colour: 2.5YR 5/10

Nose: Hazelnut, orange, Christmas cake, lime, plum, grassy

What an…

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