Glen Elgin SMWS 85.45 “The lemon rocket ship”

Glen Elgin SMWS 85.45 "The lemon rocket ship" 2.jpg

Thanks to Tim W. for the sample.

This is a mystery review, done back in December (I’m trying to catch up people, I’ve been sick twice these past three weeks and slipped on the ice recently and injured myself, it has super sucked) as part of an Advent Calendar of mysteries. We’re onto Day #22 of mysteries that were poured for me, one per day.

Did I write them up one per day? No, I was still catching up. It’s like I’m Sissyfuss, but I really enjoy boulder rolling. I mean, if boulder rolling was as fun as drinking and reviewing, then writing about, whiskies of all types, then the Greek Gods were utter garbage at punishments. I’d be giving fire away more often than a hip hop artist on the corner.

So let’s get back to pushing this particular rock, shall we?

Glen Elgin SMWS 85.45 "The lemon rocket ship" 1.jpgPrice: Sold out

Region: Speyside

Date Distilled:

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