Irish Single Malt 13 No.1 Batch 2 That Boutique-y Whisky Company / Irish Single Malt 14 No.2 Batch 1 That Boutique-y Whisky Company

This past year (2018) I had lots and lots of plans. Finish my accounting schooling, find a new job in a new career space, revive Michael Jackson’s corpse into a bard-lich, and review enough Irish Whiskey to finally hit 100 total reviews.

I’m happy to say I got most of that done, and Winter is Coming. As for posting the reviews, I may have gotten behind what with learning derivatives and gathering the ancient black obsidians filled with necrotic energies that no one human should possess. So I’m posting them now! Yay!

In the world of Irish whiskies, you run into a bit of a snag. Independent bottlings are growing, however, they can be quite pricey, go quite quickly.

Why is that? Well, imagine for a second that alcohol is pretty ubiquitous. Now imagine, of the three major options of what people drink (wine, beer, spirits), spirits are at the 

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